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AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, is struggling to become solvent and viable. In order to accomplish this, their hope lies with $1.8 billion in concessions from their employees. Key elements to this are the employment and termination agreements for key executives of AMR, and these documents can be found at: AMR

Employment agreements, termination agreements and full –text copies of the following are available at the links provided for:

  1. the deferral of fees due Judith Rodin, PhD,(Txt - 3KB) for serving on the board of directors;
  2. Philip J. Purcell, (Txt - 3KB) for serving on the boards of directors.
  3. 2001 - 2003 Share Plan for Officers and Key Employees to provide greater incentive to officers and key employees of the subsidiaries and affiliates of AMR Corporation (Txt - 10KB)
  4. 2001 Employee Profit Sharing Plan of AMR Corporation (Txt - 12KB)
  5. 2001 Incentive Compensation Plan for Officers and Key Employees of AMR Corporation (Txt - 22KB)
  6. Amended and Restated Executive Termination Benefits Agreement dated as of November 15, 2000 among AMR Corporation, American Airlines, Inc. and Monte E. Ford (Txt - 60KB)
  7. Amended and Restated Executive Termination Benefits Agreement dated as of September 22, 2000 among AMR Corporation, American Airlines, Inc., and Susan M. Oliver (Txt - 60KB)

FAO, Inc., the parent company of FAO Schwartz, Inc. isn’t toying around. It has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The document "Motion Of The Debtors And Debtors In Possession For An Order Authorizing The Retention Of Professionals Utilized In The Ordinary Course Of Business" can be accessed at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=030122014308

And, the "Application of the Debtors and Debtors in Possession for an Order Authorizing the Retention and Employment of Richards, Layton & Finger, PA as Co-Counsel to the Debtors" can be found at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=030122014823

This company, involved in many circles, is represented by a variety of documents at RA. Some interesting ones are here:

The "CREDIT AGREEMENT dated as of June 18, 2002 among FLEMING COMPANIES, INC., the LENDERS, DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS as Administrative Agent, JPMORGAN CHASE BANK and CITICORP NORTH AMERICA, INC. as Syndication Agents et al" can be found at: Txt - 450KB

And the "FIRST AMENDMENT dated as of October 18, 2002, among FLEMING COMPANIES, INC., the Lenders, and DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS as Administrative Agent" can be viewed at: Txt - 53KB

"Motion for Order Authorizing the Debtors to Reject Certain Unexpired Leases of Nonresidential Real Property and Aviation Equipment" dated April 2, 2003 can be found at: Pdf - 187KB, while their "Exhibit A-2: List of Petition Date Rejected Leases of Aviation Equipment" of the same date is found at : Pdf - 13KB

On April 3, 2003, Fleming filed their "Limited Objection Of Hershey Foods Corporation To And Request For Adequate Protection With Respect To Emergency Motion (A) For Interim And Final Order Authorizing The Use Of Cash Collateral And Grant Of Adequate Protection Nunc Pro Tunc To The Petition Date, And (B) Approving Post-Petition Financing And Related Relief", and it can be viewed at : Pdf - 145KB

Global Crossing has claimed a spot on the bandwidth charts as a global telecommunications carrier. The company operates an integrated global system of major IP- (Internet protocol) based networks, connecting the Americas and Europe, and linking to Asia through subsidiary Asia Global Crossing. They support a range of communications services, including Internet access and other data offerings (such as frame relay and T-1 lines) to businesses, along with voice and managed network services for multinational corporations, service providers, and telecom carriers. The company is reorganizing under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Their  “Management Incentive Plan” can be found at Pdf - 67KB.

 For Global Crossing’s “Disclosure Statement For Debtors' Joint Plan Of Reorganization”, filed on 17 October 2002, go to:  Pdf - 470KB

“Debtors' Joint Plan Of Reorganization Under Chapter 11 Of The Bankruptcy Code”  filed on Oct 17th can be accessed at: Pdf - 250KB

The “Request Of Leo J. Hindery, Jr. For Payment Of Post-Petition Administrative Priority Expenses”  of September, 2002 is found at Pdf - 2,520KB

“First Post Confirmation Status Report Of The Debtors And The Post Confirmation Order And Notice Entered By The Court In The Debtors’ Chapter 11 Cases” can be found at: Status Report

Kmart Corp., in the continuing saga of its Chapter 11 reorganization, just filed a "Motion for Entry of an Order (1) Authorizing the Debtors to Enter Into a Commitment Letter for a US$2B Exit Financing Facility" on January 14, 2003. That document can be found at: Exit Financing Facility Kmart also filed a "Motion for Order Approving Amendment to Post-Petition Credit Facility" , which can be read at :http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=030120203330
Kentucky Electric Steel Inc., manufacturers of special bar quality steel bar flats used in automobile suspensions, signed an Amended and Restated Loan Agreement on 14 January 2002 with the National Bank of Kentucky, which can be found at: Amended Agreement.The company is planning on filing a Chapter 11 Petition by the end of January 2003.
The Credit Agreement signed by Northwest Airlines on October 24, 2000($125,000,000 CREDIT AND GUARANTEE AGREEMENT, Among NORTHWEST AIRLINES CORPORATION, NORTHWEST AIRLINES HOLDINGS CORPORATION, NWA INC. as Guarantors, NORTHWEST AIRLINES, INC. as Borrower, The Lenders et al) can be found at:
There are two amendments to this document, which can be found: SECOND AMENDMENT, dated as of October 23, 2001 at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=030123021320
And: THIRD AMENDMENT, dated as of September 9, 2002 is at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=030123022406

This company builds both single-section and multisection mobile homes, with its least-expensive single-section model selling for about $15,000 and its highest-priced multisection selling for about $140,000. Oakwood sells through company-owned retail centers and independent retailers. Brands include Freedom, Golden West, and House Smart. Oakwood also sells modular homes, which it delivers in pieces.  Oakwood employs over 7,700 people, but it has filed for Chapter 11 protection.

Debtors’ Emergency Motion for Interim and Final Relief (A) Approving Postpetition Financing and Related Relief (B) Approving Use of Cash Collateral and Adequate Protectio and (C) Setting Final Hearing”, which was filed on November 8, 2002, can be accessed at : Pdf - 3034KB

Their “Voluntary Petition for Chapter 11 “  can a be found at :  Pdf - 699KB

Peregrine Systems, Inc., a business software maker, has filed for bankruptcy. We have to date 14 documents in our database. Their Voluntary Petition for Chapter 11, List of creditors, is found at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=021016231133
The Petition itself is found at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=021016220815
The Exhibit that was filed with the petition, called " Voluntary Petition Financial Data" is found at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=021016220940

The largest mapmaker in the world, with it’s immensely popular Road Atlas, has filed for Chapter 11 protection in Illinois on Feb 11, 2003. Their Voluntary Petition can be found at : Pdf - 255KB and their " Motion Authorizing Joint Administration of Chapter 11 Cases" is located at : Pdf - 120KB

Their “Application for Order Authorizing Debtors to Employ Professionals Utilized in the Ordinary Course of Business” dating from 11 February 2003 can be accessed at Pdf - 291KB

The upscale department store operator may soon be a big name in the news, with six times as much debt as assets. The credit agreement they signed with Citicorp, Bank of America and GE Capital Corp. on November 20, 2001 can be found at: http://www.researcharchives.com/bin/download?id=011217200821

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