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Nov 16, 2001Citigroup Inc
Amended And Restated Employment Agreement Is Made And Entered Into As Of By And Between Citigroup Inc. And Sanford I. Weill
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Dec 19, 2000Citigroup, Inc.; Robert I. Lipp
Terms on the retirement of Robert I. Lipp as an officer or director of Citigroup, Inc. and its affiliates
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Oct 30, 2000Citigroup, Inc.; Keith Hughes
Terms on the employment of Keith Hughes as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup, Inc.
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Jul 30, 2000Citigroup, Inc.; John Reed
Benefits Package granted by Citigroup, Inc. to John Reed
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Jan 11, 2000Citigroup Inc.
Citigroup Inc.’s Offer of Employment to Mr. Robert E. Rubin as Director, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
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