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Feb 02, 2001KMart Corp.
AGREEMENT is made as of February 2, 2001 (the "Effective Date"), by FLEMING COMPANIES, INC., an Oklahoma corporation ("Fleming"), and KMART CORPORATION, a Michigan corporation ("Kmart")
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Nov 21, 2000KMart Corp.
KMart Corp. 1997 Long-Term Equity Compensation Plan
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LICENSE AGREEMENT made as of this 28th day of January, 1997 by and between MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA LLC and KMART CORPORATION
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CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF NATIONAL TENANT FINANCE CORPORATION (he purpose of the Corporation is to engage solely in the following business and activities: (a) to lend funds to one or more special purpose entities acting as the Borrower/Landlord in lease transactions with one or more tenants which will occupy the demised premises in such lease transactions, which loans will be evidenced by a Note or Notes to be issued by the Borrower/Landlord in favor of the Corporation pursuant to a Loan Agreement and secured by a Mortgage (or similar security instrument) and Assignment of Leases and Rents and certain other security documents between each Borrower/Landlord and the Corporation, each of which shall thereafter be deposited by the Corporation, acting as settlor or depositor, with an institutional trustee as Trustee of a Mortgage Pass-Through Trust or Collateral Trust;)
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